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Digital Marketing: Where the %#@% to Begin? (Course)

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“Marketing: Where the %#@% to begin?” If you’ve been asking yourself this question, this course is for you. Consider this your essential tool for building a winning digital marketing strategy from the ground up.


If you've landed here on this page, you're likely asking yourself the question presented in the title of this course:

“Marketing: where the [bleepity bleepity bleep] to begin?”

Don’t worry, you are NOT alone. Marketing is complicated and it’s gotten more and more complicated over time.

The ease of self-service ad platforms has only made marketing harder for people. How? Because this makes competition fiercer. There are more than 7 million active advertisers on Facebook alone and Google has even more! This means that breaking through to reach your audience has a lot of competition.

Luckily, marketing is much much more than Facebook and Google ads. The key is to find your customers and understand how to connect with them in a meaningful way that breaks through the noise. And that is what this course covers.

In this course, you’ll get everything you need as an overview to get started with your marketing strategy. You'll start off by learning exactly how to find out who your best customers are. We’ll also cover some research tools, and discover various techniques on finding where your audience gathers, and who with. Using this data, we’ll give you the templates that you need to design a full tactical breakdown of 3 key audiences.