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Brand Personality Cards (Downloadable PDF)

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Brand personality is insanely important. We've created a downloadable PDF version of our Brand Personality Cards to make it super accessible. Print at home or at your local print house!


If you’re launching a new brand, you probably will ask at some point, what really makes you, you? This simple question can lead to countless hours of your team debating about how your brand should sound. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Cutting to the chase, a brand personality is different from a human personality. Humans organically form their personalities as they experience the world around them and grow. Brands, however, aren’t human (sorry!) and require some personality crafting in order to come alive (so to speak).

We designed the digital, downloadable, PDF version of our Brand Personality Toolkit (out of print) to make it super accessible.  You can download and print on your own, or play digitally - it's up to you!